Vulcan reportedly joins Cloud9 as they try to build a 2024 LCS super team

Carver Fisher
Vulcan and Jojo Cloud9 super team

A short time after reports started rolling in that jojopyun would be joining Cloud9, Vulcan has reportedly followed. The two were both staple players in Evil Geniuses’ most successful time in the LCS, and they may be bringing their talents to Cloud9 as Vulcan returns to the team.

Dexerto had an extended conversation with Philippe ‘Vulcan’ Laflamme recently, one that revealed his ninth place finish with FlyQuest in LCS Summer hasn’t deterred him from competing for a spot at the top in 2024.

Considering he was the first all-pro support in Spring 2023 despite Evil Geniuses having a bit of a weaker showing in comparison to their 2022 heights, this player has a lot to prove and the skill to back it up.

And, according to a report from Sheep Esports, he’s getting back with jojopyun after only a split apart and looking to take Cloud9 to the next level with a triumphant return to the team.

Vulcan reportedly returns to Cloud9 alongside jojopyun


Vulcan’s last go of things with Cloud9 was a good run with the team, a two year tenure that hit its peak in 2021. Though the Summer Split that year could have ended better for Cloud9, they had, at the very least, lukewarm showings internationally.

Additionally, the last time Vulcan was on Cloud9, they were trying to swing Perkz as a big mid lane talent to build the team around along with the veteran talent of Blaber and Zven.

However, Cloud9’s 2024 roster is shaping up to be an even bigger investment from the organization, one that’ll give them one of the strongest LCS rosters they’ve ever had.

Though C9 have made it to the LCS finals every split for the last two years, their international showings have been less than stellar. The team just hasn’t managed to make a dent in the best teams from the LPL, LCK, and even LEC.


With jojo and Vulcan likely to join, it remains to be seen whether Fudge, Blaber, and Berserker get retained by the organization, or if they’ll end up getting shuffled off the roster.