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Tyler1 roasts Nightblue3 after he donates $2,500 in Twitch subs

Published: 29/Feb/2020 11:41 Updated: 29/Feb/2020 12:07

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp roasted fellow streamer Nightblue3, after winning a bet that he would reach Masters rank first in his League of Legends Jungle challenge.

Following the changes that were made to the Jungle for League of Legends Season 10, many popular streamers, such as Nightblue3 and IWillDominate, who specialize in the role, felt as if it was too underpowered compared to past seasons.

Tyler1 set out to prove that Jungle was still one of the most influential roles, taking on bets with his fellow streamers and setting himself with the goal of reaching the Challenger rank despite maining as a bot laner.


Tyler1, Twitch
Tyler1 fired shots at his fellow streamers after being promoted to Masters.

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Upon starting the challenge, the tyler1 was initially shocked after being placed in the bronze division and struggled to make it out of the lower elo ranks.

However, he quickly managed to turn things around and leveled his new account to Masters in the space of a few weeks.

After an intense comeback during the final game of his Masters promotional series, the streamer started to celebrate his latest achievement, screaming, “F**k yes! Let’s go, there it is!”

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Although he still has more to go to reach his ultimate goal of making it into the top 300 on the North American ladder, T1 proved to many of his fellow streamers just how easy it was for him to climb as a jungler.


Tyler reaching the masters rank also meant that he had won a bet placed with Nightblue3, who had his doubts about when T1 first announced that he would be taking on the challenge.

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While Nightblue was paying up by gifting $2,500 worth of subscriptions to his viewers, Tyler1 could not help but roast his fellow streamer, “Nightblue, thanks for your money p**sy!”

“Here they come boys, it has to sting giving me all that,” he taunted, before playing his celebratory ‘Sweet Victory’ track again, “I should play this louder now, Nightblue3 you will never be able to play this song in anything you do.”


Although the tyler1 was excited to prove many of the top jungle streamers wrong, he expressed that he had actually taken a liking to the role and would not stop until he reached the prestigious challenger elo.