Tyler1 explains why he really wants G2 Esports to lose LoL Worlds final

League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has admitted he is “super excited” to see European champions G2 Esports lose in the upcoming 2019 World Championship final, and explained exactly why he wants to see the Western team fail.

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G2 Esports earned their place in Riot Games’ international tournament decider after defeating SK Telecom T1 3-1 in the semifinals on the weekend, and will now face Chinese champions FunPlus Phoenix in Paris for the right to the lift the Summoner’s Cup. 

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If one major Twitch star has his way, however, the LEC team — and more specifically their fans across the internet — will be crying come Sunday evening.

Riot GamesTyler1 revealed he wants to see G2 Esports fail in the Worlds grand final.
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“I have never wanted a team to lose more than I f*cking want G2 to lose Worlds,” Tyler admitted during his November 4 broadcast, before fending off accusations from his chat that he was annoyed at SKT’s defeat. “I’m not salty, do I look salty? I’m not salty.”

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The Twitch streamer admitted that he had nothing against G2’s player roster, which includes stars like Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther and Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković, but said he just wants to see the team lose so badly that their fans have a “really shitty day.”

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“I don’t care about the players, I just want them to lose so that everyone who is excited about them winning Worlds has a shitty day,” the League of Legends star explained.

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“I’ve met the G2 players before, and I like them, they’re good dudes. I just want their fans to be mad. That’s all I want. G2 players, don’t take this personally. I just want the fans to be pissed off… I just really want them to lose very badly.”

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Considering Steinkamp is a North American streamer, his fans were quick to accuse him of being “salty” that Europe had been excelling on the world stage while LCS teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9 had failed to get out of groups, but he denied those claims.

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Instead, he revealed his love for veritable LoL legend Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, who was on the receiving end of a G2 defeat at the Palacio Vistalegre in the tournament’s top-four.

“I don’t care about NA, NA sucks… they’re dogsh*t. I’m just a huge Faker fan, I love him,” he said, and added SK Telecom T1 should consider signing him for the 2020 season so that he could replace Park ‘Teddy’ Jin-seong in the bot lane alongside the Unkillable Demon King.

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“Watch me and Faker run it back at Worlds, you’ll see,” he claimed, before apparently coming to terms with the fact that his LCK favorites had been bumped out of finals contention. “I wish I had just stayed in bed. But whatever, it is what it is. G2, looking forward to the finals.”

Riot GamesTyler1 said he wants to “run it back” with Faker after SKT’s defeat in Madrid.
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Considering Tyler1 is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, who regularly earns his places among the Challengers of NA’s solo queue, it’s easy to forget players like him are still often major fans of the game’s competitive scene, and can be just as sad as fans when their favorite teams lose.

Hopefully he can come to terms with whoever wins the impending showdown — either that, or fans will be treated to another trademark T1 explosion should G2 become just the second European team since Fnatic to claim the title of world champion, and the first team to complete the League of Legends ‘grand slam’ with two domestic titles, the MSI crown, and Worlds glory.

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