The Jungle: Liquid CEO reveals how they signed Bjergsen | LoL Esports Review

the jungle dom montecristo steve ArhancetDexerto


Dexerto’s The Jungle dived into the latest LCS playoff series along with analysis for worldwide leagues like the LPL, LCK, and more. This episode, dGon, MonteCristo and IWDominate even sat with Team Liquid boss Steve Arhancet to see how the team managed to snag Bjergsen.

The Jungle collective joked about how easy TL’s pitch to Bjerg could have been, but Arhancet shed more light on how the team actually crafted its star-studded lineup.

With the Spring Split wrapping soon, there are only a handful of League of Legends matchups we’ll be watching to see who will lift the LCS trophy.

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