Riot forces replay of MSI 2022 games after RNG ping issues

GALA and Ming playing MSI 2022 remotely for RNgRNG for Riot Games

Riot Games has forced the replay of three MSI 2022 games after ping issues between China’s Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and teams playing locally in Busan. An investigation found there was “a discrepancy in the latency being reported… versus what was being experienced.”

MSI 2022 has been pushed “online”, somewhat, with the 10 teams currently in Busan playing on a 35 ping server to compensate for China’s RNG playing remotely from Shanghai due to restrictions.

However, errors with the server were uncovered after player complaints in the first few days. Riot has admitted fault and is working to fix the increased latency ⁠— also making the drastic call to void all games involving RNG and forcing a rematch.

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“We discovered an error in the calculation which was causing a discrepancy between the target latency and the actual latency experienced by players,” Riot said in a statement just an hour before Day 4 was set to get underway.

“Additionally, because this issue specifically affected teams playing from Busan, the matches involving RNG were held with an unintended disparity in latency between competing teams.

“As a result, we have determined it is in the best interest of competitive integrity to replay all three of these matches.”

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It comes after numerous players reported the ping felt worse than the 35ms they were expecting to deal with. While this hasn’t negatively affected teams playing each other on stage, it has affected RNG’s Group B opponents.

RNG’s individual record has been reset to 0-0, while RED Canids, PSG Talon, and Istanbul Wildcats are now all sitting at 1-1 a piece.

RNG MSI 2021Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
RNG are the reigning MSI champions.

Group B was set to finish today, May 13, but the remaining three replays will be played out across the next three days as the Group Stage concludes.

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