Riot accidentally drops details on new League of Legends champ Zeri early

Andrew Amos. Last updated: Jan 05, 2022
Zeri splash art close-up in League of Legends
Riot Games

It’s only January 4, but Riot has already accidentally leaked something in 2022 — their new League of Legends champ Zeri. The Zaunite had details go live early accidentally alongside patch 12.1, with players getting a first-look at the electric AD carry.

After delays following Vex’s release, League of Legends’ 158th champion is on their way ⁠— maybe a bit earlier than Riot were expecting themselves.

The electric Zeri has been leaked early by the developers themselves, with fresh details on the Spark of Zaun’s backstory hitting the presses on January 4 in the form of a champion biography.

Described as having a “unique relationship with electricity”, Zeri’s biography touches briefly on how her abilities will work on Summoner’s Rift, including a super-charged rifle powered with her own electric powers.

zeri league of legends splash
Riot Games
Zaunite AD carry Zeri is going to be League of Legends’ first new champion of Season 12.

She used those powers to fight back against the chem-barons of Zaun as a one-man army ⁠— a bit different from her first teaser revealed during the release of Riot’s hit League of Legends Netflix show, Arcane, as one of the Firelights alongside Ekko.

Zeri also had to learn to control her static electricity after hurting those around her, putting it to good use to try and save her fellow Entresol neighbours from the activities of Zaun’s chem-barons.

“To guard them from herself, Zeri scoured the mining disaster’s wreckage and constructed a jacket to contain her electricity and avert the barons’ gaze. Now she could restrain her gift to protect those in need,” the since-deleted biography reads.

However, her efforts in trying to take down the chem-barons inspired the Entresol community into rebuilding after years of turmoil, with Zeri being praised for standing up for them.

Practical Perfectionist card in Legends of Runeterra
Riot Games
Zeri looks a lot like Legends of Runeterra’s Practical Perfectionist: look at the hair-do and the bandage on her cheek.

Players have also drawn similarities between Zeri’s design and the Practical Perfectionist card in Legends of Runeterra. The LoR card makes reference to a character named Kay, who is also aligned with Ekko, but it’s unclear whether they are actually the same person.

The biography teaser didn’t include any specific details about Zeri’s abilities or release date, but given the lore drop it’s expected she’ll make an appearance sometime during the League patch 12.2 PBE cycle in January.