Nisqy faces harassment on Twitter after MAD Lions’ tough loss to T1 at MSI 2023

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Nisqy harassed MAD Lions MSI 2023

Following a fairly one-sided series against T1 at MSI 2023, Nisqy was seen laughing off the loss. As a result, fans of the team have turned their passion into harassment toward the player.

Teams from the LEC and LCS getting walloped by teams from the LCK and LPL at international events is nothing new. Fighting against the best teams from the strongest regions has always been an uphill battle for Western teams, and it’s been much the same so far at MSI 2023.

Though the first game in the best-of-five series against T1 saw MAD Lions in the driver’s seat for most of the 34-minute affair, they weren’t able to close it out the. Things only got worse from there, to the point where MAD Lions lost a game in less than 17 minutes – the second fastest game in LoL international history.

Rather than sulking, Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dinçer was seen laughing off the victory and dealing with the weight of the one-sided loss in his own way. This led to him being a target for harassment on Twitter from angry fans of the team and some of Spain’s biggest co-streamers, to the point where Nisqy responded with a now-deleted tweet.

MAD Lions fans call out Nisqy after 0-3 loss to T1 at MSI 2023

In MAD Lions’ matchup against T1, everyone’s overall stats from the series are rough. It’s hard to look good in the aftermath of a 0-3 series, but many passionate fans from Europe have pointed their anger at Nisqy.

Fans getting angry after a team representing their region loses a big game is nothing new, but things really got pushed over the edge when LVP caster Jaime Mellado took to Twitter and called out Nisqy’s demeanor after the game in comparison to Javier ‘Elyoya’ Batalla’s downbeat look.

Jaime wasn’t the only person to call out Nisqy for how he handled the loss. Ibai, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and co-owner of KOI, was co-streaming the event when Shiro, someone he was on a call with, insulted Nisqy’s performance.

The words spoken by Shiro, a streamer signed with KOI, have sparked their own controversy and have made fans question the people Riot gives official co-streaming rights to.

The harassment flung at Nisqy prompted him to respond to Jaime in a tweet that has now been deleted. To paraphrase, Nisqy’s tweet was an insult to Jaime’s mother.

The competitor has since explained why he deleted his response, saying that he doesn’t “want to create more problems.”

Coaches and players defend Nisqy’s response to MSI 2023 loss

There are many who came to Nisqy’s defense in the face of the tough loss. Team BDS’ Juš ‘Crownie’ Marušič, a player who lost to MAD in a crushing reverse-sweep in the most recent LEC Finals, was quick to call out Jaime’s comments and back Nisqy up.

“It actually brings such anger to me that people like this exist. Twitter analysts that have no clue about teams. Commentators tweeting things for impressions when they have no clue about how things work, how team environments work. It makes me so mad, by the way. If anyone tells me not to get mad about it, I will permaban you.”

Crownie got seasoned coach YamatoCannon on the call with him, and he agreed with Jaime’s comments being misinformed. “He doesn’t know Nisqy, doesn’t know the team, he has zero context, he’s one frame of a person showing his teeth. He knows f***ing nothing.”

The Twitter drama is ongoing, with passionate and angry fans continuing to call Nisqy out while experienced players and coaches have provided insight as to why they think Nisqy’s upbeat attitude after the game isn’t worth creating so much fuss over.

Nisqy will have an opportunity to step back onto the stage and prove his worth against G2 in their lower bracket clash at MSI 2023.

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