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New League of Legends skins for Poppy and Gnar leaked

Published: 2/May/2020 17:34

by Michael Kelly


New skins for League of Legends’ Astronaut line have been leaked, as data mining suggested that Poppy and Gnar will be the next champions to receive skins.

League of Legends appears to be reviving its series of Astronaut skins. Leaks are suggesting that Bard, Poppy, and Gnar will all be featured parts of the cosmetics line down the road.

While Astronaut Bard has been officially announced by Riot, the skins for Poppy and Gnar are based entirely off of speculation surrounding various lines of code.

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The mined code also suggested that borders and icons were coming for both Poppy and Gnar once the skins get released.


Additionally, with confirmation from Riot that the emotes that will be released alongside Bard are going to be part of the game’s Pulsefire Pass, it might be safe to assume that the rewards surrounding the other two might be linked to the pass, as well.

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Alongside the addition to the Astronaut skin line, Riot is also releasing four new one to its historic Pulsefire set.

Champions such as Lucian, Pantheon, Ekko, and Fiora will all be getting new Pulsefire skins at some point in the very near future.

Let it be known that Riot hasn’t released an “Astronaut” skin since September 2012, when AstroNautilus was put into the game alongside the already established Teemo.


Pulsefire Ekko
Riot Games, SkinSpotlights
Ekko will be among the four champions to receive new Pulsefire Skins

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However, that could change very soon as the Astronaut and Pulsefire skins are expected to drop sometime next patch.

According to Riot’s schedule, Patch 10.10 is slated to hit live servers on May 13, so it would be reasonable to expect the cosmetics – both announced and leaked – to drop on that date.