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Ahri set for overhaul in League patch 10.18 to “create better gameplay”

Published: 20/Aug/2020 3:46 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 6:10

by Andrew Amos


The poster child of League of Legends, Ahri, is set to receive some nice buffs on League Patch 10.18. The Nine-Tailed Fox could weasel her way into the meta with changes to her kit, as Riot aims to “create better gameplay” for Ahri mains.

Ahri has fallen out of favor in League’s mid lane. AP assassins haven’t really had a place for a long time ⁠— it’s either been control mages, marksmen, or tanks. However, Riot are trying to carve out a new place for League’s poster child in Patch 10.18.

The Nine-Tailed Fox is set for a mini-rework in the next update. Riot are aiming to “create better gameplay” for Ahri mains, by making her kit less clunky to use, and open up her windows to punish enemies.

Ahri in League of Legends
Riot Games
Ahri could be making a return to the mid lane with these League Patch 10.18 buffs.

“We have some light mechanics upgrades coming to PBE for Ahri. Aiming to get these into the 10.18 patch. [They] should amount to very small buffs, but focused on creating better gameplay primarily,” lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter told players on Twitter.

“[We want to give Ahri] more flexibility and control of her movement speed to open up new small combos and outplays, and more incentive…for trading with champions.”

Riot are achieving these goals two-fold, primarily with a rework of Ahri’s passive. The old healing passive on Ahri’s Q has been moved to her new passive, Vastayan Grace. The heal will be more effective, but will only proc on enemy champions. She can still stack charges off minions.

Ahri isn’t losing her old movement speed passive though. It’s moving to her W as an active effect. When Ahri casts Fox Fire, she will gain a burst of 40% extra movement speed, decaying over 1.5 seconds. This should help her create more reliable trading windows.

Fox Fire will now also deal double damage to minions below 20%, making it a reliable tool to push waves out with. To counterbalance the increase in power, Ahri’s W mana cost is going up to 55 at all ranks, and the cooldown is being increased by one second too.

Kayle buffs in League Patch 10.18 target weak laning phase

Ahri isn’t the only champion Riot have their sights set on in League Patch 10.18. Kayle is also set for some changes to help her thrive in the laning phase, instead of just hard scaling to level 11 and 16.

“[Our goals with Kayle are to give her] more active laning where trading with the enemy laner is a more available option over pure passive play,” Yetter added.

To do this, they are unlocking her E’s power early. It’s cooldown will now scale down with ranks, and the mana cost is being totally removed. The missile speed is also being increased to give her some instant power.

Because of the removal of her E mana costs, the mana refund on Q ⁠— which helped Kayle keep her resources up ⁠— is also disappearing. The mana cost on her W is also increasing, which should increase the punishment window for enemies if Kayle misplays.

League Patch 10.18 is set to go live on September 2. Both the Kayle and Ahri changes are available for testing on the PBE.

League of Legends

League of Legends patch 10.22 notes: Seraphine, K/DA skins, Samira nerfs

Published: 27/Oct/2020 6:57 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 18:36

by Isaac McIntyre


The League of Legends 10.22 patch notes have arrived, and we’ve got all the patch notes, balance changes, and more for LoL fans to dig through ahead of the new Oct. 28 update.

League champion 151, musical sorceress Seraphine, is set to finally arrive this patch, and she’s bringing a set of new K/DA “ALL OUT” skins with her too well; Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa, and Evelynn will all be getting new K-pop variants this time around.

Annie is also under the microscope in patch 10.22, and will be handed a mini-rework, while new ADC terror Samira will be hit with new nerfs ⁠— here’s all the early details on League of Legends patch 10.22, starting with release times.

When is League of Legends Patch 10.22 coming?

The next League of Legends update is expected to be rolled out on Wednesday, October 28. It will begin in Oceania at 8am AEST (3pm Tuesday PT), and will be rolled out in all regions at 8am from there.

Players can expect a few hours of downtime. Matchmaking and access to the LoL servers will be disabled around three hours before the patch is deployed. This will be around 5am PT on Oct. 28 for US players, and 5am GMT for EU players.

K/DA is taking over in League of Legends patch 10.22.
Riot Games
K/DA is taking over in patch 10.22.

League of Legends patch 10.22

Seraphine makes her League of Legends debut

League of Legends champion 151, Seraphine, will finally be arriving on Summoner’s Rift in patch 10.22, after months of teasers and even a virtual account being created on Twitter and social media to promote the Starry-Eyed Songstress.

Seraphine — who has copped some flack ahead of her release for being a little to close to old champion Sona — is a healing mage.

Instead of outright announcing Seraphine as a League of Legends champion, Riot has been cryptically dancing around the question.

In the September 24 Champion Roadmap, they announced that “when Piltover and Zaun’s new rising star finally hits the promenade, she might convert you into an instant mega-fan,” which all but confirmed her release.

Her passive allows her to build-up “notes” to deal more damage. Seraphine’s Q, High Note, is a simple damage spell, while Surround Sound (W), heals. Her stun is “Beat Drop,” which can be used with E. Her ultimate, Encore, is a combination of all three.

Get caught up on her builds, runes, and strategies in our Seraphine guide.

KDA All Out Seraphine Rising Star in League of Legends
Riot Games
Seraphine will make her Summoner’s Rift debut in League of Legends patch 10.22.

Annie gets mini-rework in LoL patch 10.22

Annie, one of the original characters in League of Legends, is the headlining champion for Patch 10.22, outside Seraphine of course. The Dark Child is finally getting a mini-rework that Riot hopes will boost her support playstyle slightly.

The main change comes for her E ability, Molten Shield. The mana cost is spiking slightly for her defensive spell (40, up from 20), but the trade-off is she can now give the shield to one of her allies, similar to Morgana’s iconic Black Shield.

The new Molten Shield reflects magic damage (20/30/40/50/60) and grants 30-60% movement speed over a 1.5 seconds decay following the cast.

Annie has finally come under the microscope ahead of the Oct. 28 update.
Riot Games
Annie has finally come under the microscope in LoL’s Oct. 28 update.

K/DA go “ALL OUT” with new patch 10.22 skins

The latest K/DA skin line, “ALL OUT,” is set to arrive in LoL Patch 10.22. All five members of K/DA ⁠— Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and newcomer Seraphine — will be getting skins. Seraphine will be getting an Ultimate version of her skin.

Kai’Sa is also lucky enough to get her own special variant. The ADC champion will have a “Prestige” edition alongside her normal ALL OUT skin option.

All of the new ALL OUT skins will be available for at least 1350 RP next patch. Seraphine’s Ultimate skin will cost 3250 RP, while Kai’Sa’s K/DA Prestige skin will cost 2000 event tokens. All six skins are already being tested on the PBE.

There’s a ton to unpack in the full League patch 10.22 notes, so catch all of the updates down below, courtesy of Riot Games.

League of Legends Patch 10.22: all buffs & changes



R – Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • Updated – Crowd Control: Roots and disarms enemies for 2 seconds ⇒ Stuns enemies for 2 seconds


E – Molten Shield

  • New – Shield: Grants Annie 13/17/21/25/29% damage reduction for 3 seconds ⇒ Grants any target ally champion a 40/90/140/190/240 (+0.4 ability power) shield for 3 seconds (bonus movement speed buff is applied to the shielded target)
  • Updated: Shield VFX Annie’s E now has a new animation and visual effects better scaled for other champs
  • Cost 20 mana ⇒ 40 mana
  • Range 400 (self cast) ⇒ 800 (self or ally targeted)
  • Updated – Targeting: Will cast on ally if targeted or if very close to targeting them (within a range of 225); otherwise will self cast
  • New- Protecc Tibbers always gains the benefits of the shield, regardless of target


W – Volley

  • Arrows Per Volley: 9 at all ranks ⇒ 7/8/9/10/11


Passive – Blaze

  • Marked Explosion Damage: 12-16% (+0.015 per 100 ability power) ⇒ 10-14% (+0.02 per 100 ability power)

E – Conflagration

  • New – Blaze Spread: Spreads to nearby units when cast on a blazed target ⇒ Now always spreads to nearby enemies
  • Updated – Blaze Spread Radius: When cast on a blazed target, spreads to units within 375 range ⇒ When cast on a blazed target, spreads to units within 600 range. When cast on a normal target, spreads to units within 300 range.
  • New – Blaze Spread Radius Indicator: Now displays a brief indicator for the spread range

R – Pyroclasm

  • New – Fireball Bounce: Pyroclasm can now bounce back to Brand (bounces off Brand will “stick” to Brand slightly longer to temper 0-distance instant bursts)
  • Updated – Bounce Priority: Enemy champions > Brand > Any valid bounce target


E – Justice Punch

  • New – Wind It Up: Justice Punch now has a minimum 250 dash distance (starting from E origination, not the dashback)


E – Flame Chompers!

  • Updated – Explosion Burn: Deals damage over 1.5 seconds  Deals all damage upfront


Q – Lay Waste

  • Base Damage 50/70/90/110/130 ⇒ 45/65/85/105/125


E – Ethereal Chains

  • Cost 70 mana ⇒ 50 mana
  • Base Damage 40/60/80/100/120 ⇒ 50/70/90/110/130
  • Delayed Damage 70/110/150/190/230 ⇒ 80/120/160/200/240


Q – Glitterlance

  • Base Damage 80/125/170/215/260 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220


R – Fury of the Sands

  • Bonus Resistances: 15/35/55 ⇒ 40/55/70
  • Removed – Bonus Resistances Per Second: Nasus no longer gains 1/2/3 bonus resistances per second


Base Stats

  • Attack Damage 59 ⇒ 57
  • Armor 28 ⇒ 26


R – Glacial Prison

  • Base Damage: 100/125/150 ⇒ 125/150/175
  • Maximum Damage: 150/250/350 ⇒ 200/300/400 (same values for explosion damage)


Base Stats

  • Attack Speed Growth 3.3% ⇒ 3.9%


E – Shadow Slash

  • Base Damage: 70/95/120/145/170 ⇒ 70/90/110/130/150

Pet Range Indicators


R – Hallucinate – Added for clone


R – Summon: Tibbers! – Added for pet (Tibbers)

Clash Updates

From Riot: Clash teams can now have up to 20 invites out at a time. Once your team fills up, all open invites will be cancelled. In addition, the Shadow Isles Cup schedule is now live in the client! Note that it’s taking place after the season ends next month, so the VP you earn won’t count for End of Season 2020 Rewards. We’ll let you know when tournament VP will begin counting for End of Season 2021 Rewards.

URF Balance Changes

10.22 Buffs

  • ANIVIA +15% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +15% damage dealt & -15% damage taken
  • FIDDLESTICKS +10% damage dealt, -10% damage taken, & +10% healing ⇒ +10% damage dealt, -15% damage taken, & +10% healing
  • KASSADIN -5% damage taken ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • NAMI +5% damage taken & -10% healing ⇒ +5% damage taken & -5% healing
  • VLADIMIR -8% damage dealt, +8% damage taken, & -5% healing ⇒ -8% damage dealt, +5% damage taken, & -5% healing
  • YONE +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +10% damage dealt & -15% damage taken

10.22 Nerfs

  • BARD +20% damage dealt & -20% damage taken ⇒ +15% damage dealt & -20% damage taken
  • FIORA -5% damage dealt, +5% damage taken, & -5% healing ⇒ -10% damage dealt, +5% damage taken, & -5% healing
  • JINX +3% damage dealt & -5% damage taken ⇒ +3% damage dealt & -3% damage taken
  • NUNU & WILLUMP +8% damage dealt, -10% damage taken, & +10% healing ⇒ +8% damage dealt, -8% damage taken, & +8% healing
  • PANTHEON +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken
  • RAMMUS +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +8% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
  • REK’SAI +10% damage dealt & -15% damage taken ⇒ +10% damage dealt & -12% damage taken
  • YUUMI -20% damage dealt, +20% damage taken, -30% healing, & +100% E cooldown ⇒ -20% damage dealt, +20% damage taken, -30% healing, & +150% E cooldown

Bugfixes / QoL Changes

  • Pinging Kai’Sa’s abilities when they’re evolved will note it in chat
  • Fixed a bug with Rengar’s R – Thrill of the Hunt warning SFX and his growl SFX when near targets
  • Yuumi’s Q – Prowling Projectile now properly procs Manaflow Band
  • PsyOps Kayle’s R – Divine Judgement no longer triggers a series of flashes across the screen when activated
  • Fizz’s R – Chum the Waters SFX are no longer audible in Fog of War
  • Selecting a different series Eternal no longer causes the player’s Ranked border not to display on the loading screen
  • Fixed some ability queueing issues with LeBlanc’s R – Mimic (Distortion)
  • Akali’s E – Shuriken Flip recast will no longer fizzle if she tries to reactivate it too quickly after marking her W – Twilight Shroud
  • Aphelios’ Q – Crescendum sentries are no longer pushed towards Sion when he casts E – Roar of the Slayer
  • Certain Ziggs skins’ E – Hexplosive Minefield now properly render over impassable terrain
  • Rift Herald’s unique global SFX now properly play at her death even if a team does not have vision on her