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Mac Catalina update may prevent users from playing League of Legends

Published: 2/Oct/2019 8:56 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 9:27

by Joe O'Brien


Mac users may no longer be able to install League of Legends after Apple role out the next major update to their operating system (OS).

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Apple have announced that the next version of their Mac operating system, named Catalina, will be releasing at some point during October 2019.

According to Riot, however, the League of Legends developer isn’t currently sure how the new OS will affect their game, but they believe it may not be supported and therefore it won’t initially be possible to install the client after the Catalina update. Apple have not yet announced a specific date for the release, however.


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As a result, Riot are advising that players who wish to play League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics, which launches from the same client, on a Mac should make sure they have the game installed as soon as possible to ensure that they have done so before Catalina’s release.

“Due to the broad release date, we don’t know if Catalina will support League of Legends and TFT on Mac devices. If you know a Mac user who might be interested in League of Legends or TFT, get them to install it as soon as possible to be safe!”


Riot GamesThose who want to play Teamfight Tactics will also need the League of Legends client installed.
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Fortunately, the Catalina update shouldn’t affect players who already have the game installed. Mac users with the game installed will continue to receive updates, so existing users only need to worry if they plan on playing on a new Mac device, or are considering uninstalling the game for any reason any time soon.

Anyone who doesn’t already have the game installed can do so prior to the release of Catalina, or wait until they have installed League of Legends before updating to the new OS.

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Riot will undoubtedly be looking to ensure that Catalina supports League of Legends as soon as possible, but have stated they won’t know exactly how long it might take until they have a clearer idea of exactly when the new operating system is releasing.