League of Legends website made by a single dev just sold for $55 million

Liam Ho

A League of Legends stats website made by just one developer has been sold to the corporation MOBA Network for around $54.6 million USD.

Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends is easily one of the most complex and convoluted games out there at the moment. With hundreds of different item combinations, champions, objectives, abilities, and more, the game offers players many choices without any solutions. Alongside this, it’s an inherently competitive game, pitting 10 players against one another to see who’s the best.

The League of Legends community also reflects this as well. Many players will use statistic websites and tier lists to inform themselves of the current meta, ensuring that they gain a competitive edge over others. These sites also offer information such as commonly built items, ability builds, and champion counters, assisting further in their attempts at victory.

Two popular websites, both Porofessor and League of Graphs were built by a singular developer under the name Wargraphs. These sites, plus their Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics variants have seen a good amount of pageviews since their launch resulting in a healthy $12.3 million euros in the fiscal period that ended on November 30, 2023. Now, however, the websites have seen even bigger success, being purchased by the MOBA Network, as first reported by TechCrunch.

Mighty Poro LoR
Porofessor and League of Graphs will join MOBA Network’s multitude of websites.

Porofessor and League of Graphs sold for over $50 million USD

The owner of Wargraphs Jean-Nicholas Mastin has sold the websites and their respective applications to the MOBA Network. Mastin will be joining the company’s M.O.B.A team, and together the company has “plans how to develop the assets further and expand into to new games and markets.” as stated by Björn Mannerqvist, CEO of MOBA Network.

“With the acquisition, M.O.B.A will add extensive competence and leading in our way of being the home of some the world’s most popular and high-quality gaming communities and products.” the CEO continued.

Whilst uncertain what might be next for the two websites, it’s likely MOBA Network will take the technology there and transfer it to other titles. These have yet to be announced as of the time of writing.

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