Doinb hints at imminent NA move for LPL mid laner Maple

Joosep Martinson/Riot Games

Mid laner Huang ‘Maple’ Yitang may have found a new home in the LCS according to Doinb, mere days after he was released from Anyone’s Legend in the LPL.

In an April 11 livestream, LPL mid laner Kim ‘Doinb’ Taesang leaked a potential roster move for Anyone’s Legends mid laner Maple.

Doinb’s stream has been the destination for LPL leaks so far in 2022. He revealed a few weeks ago that the LPL’s spot at MSI 2022 could be in jeopardy due to continuing travel restrictions in Shanghai.

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And now, he’s been the source of another LPL leak – that Anyone’s Legend mid laner Maple could be moving to the LCS as early as Summer 2022. Maple departed Anyone’s Legend on April 10, after the team failed to qualify for the LPL playoffs with a 5-11 win record.

The terms of the move

According to Doinb, nothing is confirmed as of yet, but the move would see Maple and one other player moving to the LCS to compete in Summer 2022. He did not confirm whether Maple and the unnamed second player would join a team together or not, and made no comment on which organization would be Maple’s destination.

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Maple is perhaps a slightly less well-known name for international fans. He made it to MSI 2021 semifinals with PSG Talon, and 2020 Worlds finals with Suning Gaming, but he’s never quite made it to the level of renown as names like Doinb or Song ‘Rookie’ Euijin.

If he were to come to the LCS, he’d be the second Chinese mid laner to make the jump to NA in 2022, with TSM famously signing LDL talent Zhu ‘Keaiduo’ Zhong at the start of the Spring split.

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