Everything we know about Hyper Scape crossplay: release date, more


Ubisoft’s battle royale Hyper Scape finally released on console this week after an extended wait. Now the question on everyone’s lips is about crossplay and its potential release date. Here’s everything we know so far.

Hyper Scape burst onto the scene in a similar fashion to Respawn’s Apex Legends early last month. Ubisoft’s take on the popular battle royale genre was originally only available on PC, but fans were finally given console access with the release of the title’s first season on August 11.

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The multi-platform release now begs the question: when is Hyper Scape going to be bringing crossplay into the fold? Hosts of brand-new players are pouring in on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now, and want to battle each other.

Hyper Scape crossplay coming at “later date”

Thankfully, Ubisoft has already addressed these link-up concerns, and locked in a possible release date for Hyper Scape’s big crossplay feature. They have yet to confirm this publicly, however, and simply promised a “later date.”

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“Prisma Dimensions plans to introduce crossplay to Hyper Scape at a later date,” the Ubisoft devs wrote in their Season 1 update patch notes. The publishers also confirmed that “when crossplay is released” it will be “an optional feature.”

Hyper Scape was finally released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week.Ubisoft
Hyper Scape was finally released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week.

The Hyper Scape crossplay feature will likely be enabled early in September, once the title’s initial launch run is complete, and “The First Principle” season is in full swing.

Ubisoft has suggested they won’t leave crossplay activation as late as their Season 2 release ⁠— expected later this year ⁠— but it really is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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Hyper Scape cross-progression enabled

One link-up feature Hyper Scape players won’t have to wait for is cross-progression; Ubisoft’s battle royale already boasts the multi-platform leveling system. That means fans who initially joined on PC can swap to console without issue and, of course, vice versa.

Ubisoft has also confirmed Battle Pass progression will carry across on both platforms. This includes any rewards received for watching Crowncast-enabled Twitch streams, and in-game prizes handed out for wins and top placements.

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All your Hyper Scape rewards will carry over to console if you make the switch.Ubisoft
All your Hyper Scape rewards will carry over to console if you make the switch.

Hyper Scape crossplay may be coming at a “later date,” but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a hefty helping of content right off the bat in the battle royale’s first season.

The battle royale has already been handed a new weapon, the Dragonfly, which is a silenced, semi-auto precision rifle. Hyper Scape fans can also get their hands on an all-new Season 1 hack, “Magnet”. It will “attract and trap enemies caught in its area of effect.”

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Finally, Ubisoft added “Memory Shards”. These Hyper Scape collectibles reveal lore fragments that will “take you into the lives of characters and the season’s events.”

Loving Hyper Scape so far? Make sure you jump into the battle royale discussion on Twitter @HyperScapeIntel. We’ll make sure to bring you all the updates, breaking news, and leaks on Ubisoft’s ambitious new competitive shooter.

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