WWE 2K24 devs respond after CM Punk calls them out for not including him

Eleni Thomas
CM Punk in WWE ring

WWE 2K24 devs have revealed CM Punk will indeed be added to the game as DLC after the wrestler called them out for not including him at first.

When it comes to each and every WWE 2K game, part of the excitement for fans is seeing what changes have been made to the roster. Which wrestlers have been added to the lineup and which ones no longer make the cut.

And while some don’t get the love the first time around, 2K always includes DLC wrestlers that can be unlocked via the season pass.

For CM Punk fans, the WWE 2K24 DLC roadmap has answered their prayers, the company confirming that Punk will be added into the game in a future update.

For wrestling juggernaut CM Punk, his omission from the upcoming WWE 2K24 title left him and his fans struggling for answers. However, Punk was committed to finding out the truth, going live and taking on the WWE game devs in a new video that has been going viral online.

In the footage, Punk first began by explaining that he understands not being put in the base game given his recent return to the WWE. 

“Good morning. I’m going to talk about video games for a second now. I know that 2K has released the full roster of the new WWE video game, Cody’s on the cover by the way check it out, it’s pretty cool. I’m not in the game. 

“Now I understand being a little late to the party, returning to the WWE, and not being able to be put in the game.”

Despite this recency of his re-signing with the WWE, CM Punk will indeed be a playable character in the new title after all. Much to the happiness of all his fans.

WWE 2K24 is set to release on March 8, 2024.

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