Sony make pledge to Destiny players after $3.6bn Bungie buyout

Connor Knudsen
destiny 2

Sony Interactive Entertainment has bought Destiny 2 developer Bungie for a reported $3.6 billion.

2022 looks set to be a massive year for gaming acquisitions, starting off with Microsoft’s blockbuster buyout of Activision Blizzard on January 18. 13 days later, it was Sony’s turn.

The Japanese multinational announced on January 31 that they would be purchasing Bungie, the developer of the Destiny series, for $3.6 billion – as both and Jason Schreier have reported.

The takeover represents yet another power play in the gaming space and it’s one that Microsoft themselves have responded to publicly.

Sony acquires Bungie for $3.6 billion

sony and bungie
Sony and PlayStation have just made a massive acquisition.

For many fans of Bungie’s existing games, they might be wondering what the future holds for their respective series – a feeling shared by Overwatch and Call of Duty fans, following Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard.

However, it hasn’t taken long for Sony to make a pledge to players.

“We’ve had a strong partnership with Bungie since the inception of the Destiny franchise, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially welcome the studio to the PlayStation family,” Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan, said after revealing they had sealed the deal.

According to the report from, Bungie will maintain its right and ability, “to self-publish and reach players wherever they choose to play.”

More acquisitions coming from Sony

Christopher Dring reports that the deal has been in the making for almost half a year and is not in any way a reaction to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Not only that, but fans, “should expect more” acquisitions from Sony, according to Jim Ryan.

Microsoft responds to Bungie and Sony deal

In the wake of the massive buyout – that will continue to have ripple effects across the gaming world – Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has responded to the news.

He said: “Congrats to the talented teams at Bungie, great testament to your creativity. And congrats to PlayStation and Hermen Hulst on adding a talented team to your studio’s team.”

This should perhaps be the final piece of reassurance players on Xbox need that Destiny 2 will remain on their platform, as well as future Bungie IPs.

The effects of this deal, however, will likely take time to sort out as both parties work through the transition.