Sony CEO reveals “niche” PS5 will be targeted at “hardcore gamers”


Sony’s CEO has revealed new details surrounding PlayStation’s next-generation console, the PS5, revealing it will be targeted at “hardcore gamers who obsess over the latest features”.

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Fans are eagerly awaiting more news surrounding the console after many exciting specifications were revealed at the start of June, including the ability to play games not only in 4k quality, but also 120hz.

With competitors Microsoft working on Project Scarlett, analysts suggested that Sony may look to get ahead in the console war by releasing the PS5 far sooner than anyone expected, in the holiday season of 2020.

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SonySony have kept cards close to their chest regarding PS5 news.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Sony CEO – Kenichiro Yoshida – opened up the discussion further, revealing the “niche” console would primarily be targeting “hardcore gamers” who “obsess over the latest features.”

He highlighted features such as ‘ray tracing’, which would allow for better optical effects in areas of low light, will appeal to these types of players – given the feature has only just been made available in some gaming PCs.

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“Details when making games have become more important than ever,” Yoshida said.

SonyThe PS5 may implement ray tracing to greatly enhance games.
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The CEO seemingly confirmed the PS5 will have never before seen specifications, suggesting that players won’t be able to go without the changes in hardware.

He added: “[The PS5] will dramatically increase graphic-rendering speed. [The change] clearly demonstrations why it makes sense to have a next-generation console.”

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Also, in the report, a ‘company official’ takes a subtle jab at fellow developer Nintendo, stating that they “aren’t perceived as a major rival” because their users tend to be much younger than the PlayStation demographic.

Regardless of whether Sony consider Nintendo a significant competitor or not, they will want to ensure the PS5 meets expectations with Microsoft hot on their heels.

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