Wild Skyrim mod turns thousands of NPCs into Dragonborns

Skyrim DragonbornBethesda

A new Skyrim mod gives all of the game’s NPC the powers of the Dragonborn and it makes gameplay impossible.

When a Skyrim player learns that they are a “Dragonborn,” the information comes as a shock to both them and to the NPCs around them. According to the game’s lore, before the player there had not been a Dragonborn since the last dragon was seen centuries earlier.

But what if being a Dragonborn wasn’t so special? What if, instead, everyone in the world of Skyrim had the abilities of a Dragonborn?

One enterprising Skyrim mod sought to show what that alternate reality would look like – and it was pure chaos.

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Everyone is a Dragonborn in new Skyrim mod

Found by PCGamer, a new Skyrim mod called ‘Everyone’s a Dragonborn’ lets everyone have the “shout” ability that all Dragonborns can channel.

Surprisingly, it’s not just opponents that will be shouting Fus Ro Dah at the player. It’s every NPC.

It becomes absolute chaos as every conversation is punctuated by an NPC shouting at the player as soon as the ability comes off cooldown.

This can mean that conversations taking place near high cliffs or dangerous traps, which are normally safe spots for the player to plan their next course of action, become deadly.

There are also hilarious interactions, such as using the Storm Call shout against guards who can shout as well, blasting a player into the clouds where they can get fried by lightning.

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While this mod is probably not the best for a speedrunner or new player looking to learn the lore of Skyrim, it’s a fun new challenge for veteran players.

The Dragonborn mod can be found on NexusMods if you want to try it out yourself in Skyrim!