Shroud & ItzTimmy announced as playable characters in new battle royale Super People

Shroud ItzTimmy Super People headerWonder People

Upcoming game Super People will include popular streamers Shroud and ItzTimmy, with the two content creators revealed to be playable characters for the new battle royale title.

Developer Wonder People’s upcoming Super People game just finished up the final stage of its beta on August 30 2022. The beta was a massive success with the game’s player count breaking its all-time player record after a massive surge. 

Now though, the game is moving into early access which will go live on October 10. This does mean that fans of the game will have to wait out for the next month and a half before they are able to dip back into Super People. As part of this early access announcement, the devs revealed some big news in that popular Twitch streamers Shroud and ItzTimmy will be characters in the game when it arrives.

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This initial announcement, made via Twitter, also offers up a first look at what the design for the two content creators will look like in-game. Given that the images have the two featured in front of the game’s character selection lab, it appears that the faces of Shroud and ItzTimmy have been digitized.

Aside from the reveal, no specifics on the two characters in regards to abilities and perks have been discussed. With Shroud and ItzTimmy already announced for the game, time will tell if other popular streamers will have a role to play in Super People as well.

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And while fans are excited about the news, many are also concerned that the devs are focusing too much on cosmetic content and not enough on the performance of the game. Users have spoken out on Reddit about the rampant cheating going on in the initial beta tests. 

Wonder People have been making waves ahead of the release of their brand new battle royale game, Super People. As the name suggests, the game lets players take control of a super-soldier, with each character offering up their own unique skill set as well as special abilities. 

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect called the game a “breath of fresh air” when comparing it to the likes of Warzone.

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