Payday 3 dev hints dropping controversial online requirement amid server issues

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Following a messy launch marred by server and matchmaking issues, Payday 3 developer Starbreeze Studios has addressed what caused these problems and indicated it may drop the game’s widely criticized online requirement.

Payday 3 is off to a pretty rough start. While the heist shooter’s gameplay itself has generally been praised, server and matchmaking issues have made the game difficult, sometimes impossible, to play.

These issues have contributed to overwhelmingly unfavorable player reviews on Steam and Metacritic, with gamers particularly frustrated with the fact that, at times, Payday 3 was entirely inaccessible for large portions of its launch week.

Developer Starbreeze Studios has responded to these concerns in a statement explaining why Payday 3’s matchmaking infrastructure has been such a big problem and indicating that it may eventually drop the online requirement altogether.

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Payday 3 server issues prove fans were right to criticize the online requirement

In a statement released on September 25, Starbreeze discussed the server issues Payday 3 players have been encountering and shared some thoughts on its short and long-term approaches to the game.

While Starbreeze is currently focused on improving the player experience, in the long term, it is “evaluating a new [third party] partner for matchmaking services” and, perhaps more interestingly, considering “making PAYDAY 3 less dependent on online services.”

This implies Starbreeze is considering dropping the controversial requirement that players have a consistent online connection at all times, even when playing solo.

Since before launch, players have criticized Payday 3’s online requirement. The developers previously defended the decision, including in an interview with Dexerto, but the game’s launch issues have made it clear the requirement comes with issues outside of game preservation and DRM concerns.

According to the developers, Payday 3’s matchmaking issues stem from “an unforeseen error” that caused it to struggle with the sheer number of users trying to play at launch. While they were able to release a new version of the game’s matchmaking software, a separate update on the partner’s side made things again unstable.

All this makes it pretty clear that player criticism of Payday 3 being online only was more than justified.

Though the change probably won’t be coming anytime soon, the fact that Starbreeze has gone from defending the online requirement to possibly dropping it is a good sign for fans who want to make sure they can play Payday 3 regardless of server issues.

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