Overwatch 2 devs reveal Wrecking Ball dating sim was on the table during the making of Loverwatch

A Wrecking Ball POTG animationBlizzard

In Overwatch 2’s new dating sim, Loverwatch, Wrecking Ball was actually once considered a choice as a potential dating partner for one of the writers.

Loverwatch, the exclusive Valentine’s day dating sim based on Overwatch, gives you a choice between Mercy and Genji to potentially fall in love with, with a secret ending also included, as players can wind up with the Cupid, AKA Hanzo. 

Of course, the choice of Genji and Mercy was an easy decision for the devs as both have been fan favorites as a non-canon couple which Overwatch has only ever teased at. Lovingly named Gency.

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But in an interview with the devs behind Loverwatch, Dexerto was able to confirm there were many other candidates left who were not picked for the dating sim experience.

Writer Kyungseo Min revealed pretty much every single hero in Overwatch was heavily considered at one point or another. 

“I mean as far as who was in the running, the entire roster was in the running” Min said with a laugh. “We had ideas for all of them really.” But Min revealed she had quite an unorthodox choice which she pushed for specifically.

Mercy is part of the first Loverwatch experience.

Min wanted to include Wrecking ball in Loverwatch. But not Hammond, the Hamster which sits in the cockpit, rather the mech which he pilots named Wrecking Ball. 

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Technically, in the lore, the mech is not sentient, unlike another character such as Bastion. Rather it is just a mech that Hammond sits in to fight others, and also translates his hamster speak into English. But that did not stop Min from crafting ideas for how it would play out.

“I had this whole outline in my head where you help the mech sort of understand what human emotion is,” she said with a laugh. 

Unfortunately, Wrecking Ball is not available to swoon just, but you can always talk your way into love with either Genji or Mercy. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see this robot love story come to life one day soon if Overwatch fans are lucky.

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