How to get Loverwatch secret ending & unlock new Hanzo intro in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2’s steamy new visual novel, Loverwatch, has been released as a part of their Valentine’s event, here’s how to achieve a secret ending and unlock the special Hanzo highlight intro.

Overwatch 2’s newest event involves a steamy new visual novel with Overwatch’s OG pairing of Mercy and Genji. This visual novel has the player go on various dates with each character individually, in the hopes that they’ll attain their love and affection.

Each run takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll need to ensure you choose the right options if you’re looking to grasp the hearts and minds of those you want. This means tailoring your answers so that they best suit the hero with whom you’re currently dating.

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Loverwatch also comes with a secret ending involving the cupid himself Hanzo. This secret ending requires the player to complete both runs and successfully date both characters. However, doing so will be more than worth your while, as it rewards the newest highlight intro for Hanzo, Cupid’s Kiss.

loverwatch coverBlizzard
Loverwatch is the newest visual novel dating sim you never knew you wanted.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Loverwatch?

Unlocking the Secret Ending in Loverwatch requires the player to successfully date both Genji and Mercy. This involves two separate runs of the game where the player must romance the respective hero and accept their love to lock in the romance.

From there, once players have achieved love with both characters, they can start a third route where they’ll encounter Cupid Hanzo.

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Players will have a short dialogue with Cupid Hanzo before he awards you with the Cupid’s Kiss highlight intro, which will be available on the player’s account via the rewards tab in-game.

overwatch genjiBlizzard
Impressing Genji is one of the only ways to gain the elusive highlight intro.

Alternatively, players can also purchase the Hanzo highlight intro from the Overwatch store when it becomes available for them.