First-person survival game Nightingale gets gameplay deep dive trailer

. 22 days ago
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Nightingale, the first-person survival game from ex-BioWare devs, showcased a new gameplay trailer during the Summer Game Fest 2022 stream. 

Former BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn announced Nightingale in late 2021. Notably, it’ll serve as the debut title from the studio Flynn heads up – Inflexion Games.

Those who jump into Nightingale will assume the role of Realmwalkers, a group of people who managed to survive the world’s “magical cataclysm.” And while the world itself features a whole host of fantastical elements, its art design also borrowed heavily from the Victorian era.

As such, Nightingale’s monsters, weapons, and arcane technology will all boast a distinctly 19th Century feel.

Inflexion shares Nightingale gameplay trailer

nightingale survival gameplay trailer characters
Inflection shows more of its mystical world.

During Summer Game Fest, Inflexion Games unveiled a brand-new Nightingale gameplay trailer. Dubbed a “shared-world survival crafting game,” Nightingale will task players with maintaining their Realmwalker’s hunger, sleeping habits, and more.

The mystical portals that Realmwalkers access to enter other realms received mention, as well. If portal arches become inactive, players must use rare resources to craft “realm cards,” which serve as another means of unlocking other worlds.

Of course, what lies beyond these portals may vary. However, some areas will prove more deadly than others, especially when it comes to each realm’s fantastical creatures.

Nightingale’s latest gameplay trailer features below:

Like countless other PVE experiences, Nightingale will allow users to decide whether or not they explore the world solo or in co-op groups.

Inflexion Games’ debut adventure presently lacks release date details. But those interested in Nightingale can wishlist the game via Steam and the Epic Games Store, then sign up for playtesting and news-related updates on the PlayNightingale website.

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