Is Nightingale playable solo?

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Nightingale solo would possibly be a harrowing experience as it’s a game and world meant to be conquered with your friends. So, can you even brave the challenge of playing on your own?

Nightingale is a survival game promising a threatening world of magic and creatures to get lost in. There are certainly dangers hidden across its world, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to carve out your own sanctuary.

Like other survival games, playing with friends is deeply encouraged. Building a base of operations to then push out into the dark fantasy world will be a tough task with even a handful of pals. Doing it alone will be even tougher. 

From what we’ve seen, there are enormous monsters like the Humbaba that tower over the player and will generally need teams of people to take them down. That’s the kind of challenge you’ll be taking on on your own. 

However, if you’re feeling brave, you may still be wondering, can you even play Nightingale solo? Here’s what you need to know about playing the game on your own.

Can you play Nightingale on your own?

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Yes. You can play Nightingale solo. Inflexion Games confirms this on their website in the FAQ section. It says: “You can play Nightingale solo or with friends.”

In fact, this is the default mode, and other players shouldn’t be able to join your world. You’re not going to be joining a server with enormous bases already built and having to contend with the resources of enormous clans or anything like that. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to send invites to other players but it’s not mandatory. You can continue exploring the world entirely on your own and trying to uncover all of its secrets.

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