How to claim Hunt Showdown Twitch drops

hunt showdown legendary hunter steel eye twitch drop campaignCRYTEK

Hunt Showdown has teamed up with Twitch to bring players some free drops to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary, including a variety of Legendary weapons and new Legendary Hunter, Steel Eye.

Plunging players into a world overrun by fearsome monsters just waiting to eat you for breakfast, Hunt Showdown tasks avid monster slayers with tearing the hordes asunder and getting out alive – a lot easier said than done.

To celebrate four years of hunting action, CRYTEK have teamed up with Twitch to bring players a whole slew of free loot, including Legendary weapons and an all new Legendary Hunter in the form of Louisiana’s finest, Steel Eye.

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Looking to add yet another cold-blooded killer to your squad? Or is kitting out your arsenal more your style? Here’s how to claim Hunt Showdown’s anniversary Twitch drops.


hunt showdown player faces boss shrouded in flamesCRYTEK
Twitch are gifting players some free loot to help take down the terrors in style.

Hunt Showdown Twitch drops: Start & end dates

Hunt Showdown’s Twitch drop campaign will run from February 23 at 7AM PST / 10AM EST / 3PM GMT / 4PM CEST until March 1 at 3PM GMT.

How to claim Hunt Showdown Twitch drops

In order to claim your Twitch drops, it’s essential that you link your Hunt Showdown to your Twitch account. Be aware that you can only claim the drops on one account, so make sure both of these are correct before fully confirming.

From here:

  1. Visit the game’s official Twitch drops page.
  2. Choose ‘Link Accounts‘.
  3. Select which platform you are playing on.
    • Make sure this is your preferred platform as you can only link once.
  4. Log into your Steam/Xbox/PlayStation account.
  5. Authorize Hunt Showdown on your Twitch account via the ‘Connections‘ tab.
    • If you have participated in Hunt Twitch drops before, you may need to remove your old connection and update it with the new one.
  6. Return to the Twitch drops page to ensure that your drops are enabled.
  7. If all is well, start watching any streamers that have Hunt Showdown as their category!
hunt showdown twitch drop rewards legendary weaponsCRYTEK
The hordes won’t even know what hit ’em.

Current drops

In order to start claiming your gear, you’ll need to watch a varying number of hours across the length of the campaign. The first three drops are only available for 24 hours, whereas the last two are available over multiple days.

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Below are the current rewards on offer, as well as how long you’ll need to watch a participating streamer to claim them:

Date(s) Time watched (mins) Reward
February 23 90 Martini-Henry IC1 Riposte “Bingham Brash”
February 24 90 Scottfield Model 3 “Ten Paces”
February 25 90 Springfield 1866 “Old Tusk”
February 26 – March 1 120 Hunting Bow “Sinners Sinew”
February 27 – March 1 180 Legendary Hunter Louisiana Outlaw, Steel Eyed

So that’s how to claim your free Hunt Showdown Twitch drops and kit out your arsenal with some new gear. For all of the latest gaming news, be sure to check out our gaming homepage.