Historic low price Black Friday deal on D&D carry case for your campaign

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Pick up this carry case during the Black Friday sales and you’ll be able to cart your whole D&D campaign around with ease.

One of the biggest obstacles for a D&D group isn’t monstrous villains, but simple planning. Getting a group together consistently can be a real challenge, and travel is often a big part of that.

Now, with the aid of this D&D campaign case, DMs will be able to keep their D&D essentials with them in a compact, easy-to-carry form. And thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday deals, the case is a fraction of its regular price right now.

At a whopping 69% off the standard price, you’ll be saving a boatload of cash that can easily go towards other D&D sourcebooks and gear. There’s never been a better time to pick up this highly useful D&D accessory, as this is the lowest price that Amazon has ever offered it for, by quite a significant margin.

D&D campaign carry caseWOTC

Specifically designed for terrain, this D&D campaign case has enough space to slot in all the maps and tiles you could ever need. From dungeon layouts to towns, fields, and far-flung vistas, you can carry everything you need to get your players invested and ready for combat.

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While D&D can be played purely in the theatre of the mind, there’s no denying that players appreciate physical tokens like minis and maps. Adding in the appropriate terrain for exploration and combat can really enhance your group’s adventuring experience. Carting around all the necessary gear can be a pain, but this Campaign Case allows you to keep everything you need in one piece.

The Campaign Case isn’t just a storage tool either. It comes equipped with 30 double-sided terrain tiles, along with objects and icons to customize the terrain. Even if you’ve never invested in physical products for D&D before, this is an excellent starting point, giving you all you need to bring your campaign to life.

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