Epic Games Store to launch NFT battle royale Grit

. 1 month ago
Grit battle royale with Epic Games logo
Gala Games/Epic Games

The first NFT game to launch on the Epic Games Store has been announced as wild west battle royale title Grit, as announced by developer and Web3 gaming platform Gala Games.

Epic Games is best known as the developer of Fortnite, which was also the last game to be launched on the Epic Games Store, making billions of dollars and becoming one of the most popular games of all time.

Since then, a number of top titles have arrived on the Store, including the likes of Rocket League and Red Dead Redemption 2, but no others have actually launched on it.

Now, Grit is expected to break that streak and is set to completely break the mold by bringing NFT gaming to the Epic Store.

While NFT gaming has been met with much derision and criticism from the wider gaming community, Gala Games were clearly excited to reveal that Grit was due to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 for gamers.

They said: “Grit is going to be one of the very first games on the Epic Games Store. We signed a partnership with Epic, so this is going to go to the entire gaming world.

“This is the moment that it’s all going to start to change, and everybody’s going to figure out, why would you be playing a game where you don’t own what you buy in the game?”

Grit does not have a confirmed release date yet, with the website stating that it was due to arrive in “early 2022.”

Exact details on the actual gameplay are still somewhat scarce, but in Gala Games’ announcement blog post of Grit, they detailed “in-depth systems so you can play the exact type of gun fighter you want.”

Launching on the Epic Games Store will no doubt help accelerate Grit to the forefront of NFT gaming, but whether it can bring the community round to the idea of blockchain games remains to be seen.

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