Midnight Society announces blockchain-based trading system with Polygon Studios

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Midnight Society teams up with Polygon Studios
Midnight Society/Polygon Studios

Dr Disrespect’s game studio, Midnight Society, has announced that they are working with Polygon Studios to create a game publishing platform that allows players to trade in-game items on the blockchain. 

In March, Midnight Society announced applications for Project Moon’s Founders Pass. The item, an NFT that gives owners exclusive access to early game builds among other features, is based on the Polygon blockchain.

After closing the applications, the studio learned that 97.5% of gamers who applied for the Founders Pass desired the option to own in-game items outright and believed they should be able to collect, upgrade, sell, and trade the items they own in-game.

Midnight Society and Polygon Studios have partnered up together to create a blockchain-based game publishing platform that allows gamers to do just that.

midnight society responds to NFT
Midnight Society
Midnight Society is Dr Disrespect’s game studio.

Midnight Society partners with Polygon Studios

According to Midnight Society, current restrictions on web2 games are making it impossible for gamers to hold the level of ownership on an item that they wish to have. Web3 gaming offers a safe, transparent, and uncensorable solution to this problem.

Midnight Society Co-founder and Studio Head Robert Bowling said: “We see blockchain technology as a launchpad for so many new ways fans can interact with their favorite games, communities, and most importantly the pivotal parts of the development of those titles. The community has spoken, and we’ve listened.

“With any new technology, there are weaknesses, and what we loved about Polygon was their ability to address every concern we had while also having an eye toward where this technology could go in the future to support our grand ambition.”

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, commented: “We’re thrilled to be working with Midnight Society as they expand the realms of possibilities in gaming. Blockchain-based games are quickly becoming the biggest focus of the gaming industry.

“Project Moon is entering the space by providing an off-chain and on-chain experience, allowing gamers to have the best of both worlds. They can own, monetize, and transfer digital assets in-game through the opt-in NFT experience, without it being an obligation.”

Polygon Studios
Polygon Studios
Polygon Studio’s has gained popularity recently with the addition of Ryan Wyatt, former head of YouTube Gaming.

Midnight Society has opted to build its web3-based projects on the Polygon blockchain because of its low transaction fees, scalability, and environmental viability.

With environmental impact being the biggest issue many find with blockchain use, Polygon stands outside of the pack as they have already achieved carbon-neutral status, meaning any transaction, application, or NFT created on the Polygon blockchain incurs no carbon output.

They have also pledged to attain carbon-negative status by the end of 2022, meaning it will be removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it puts in.

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