Black Panther video game reportedly in development with EA

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A new Black Panther video game is reportedly in the works with EA and could be the next big open world, single player Marvel game for fans to sink their teeth into. While it may be early days, here everything we know about the upcoming Marvel game.

It appears that the upcoming Black Panther sequel film isn’t the only content about the character that is in the works.

Gaming journalist Jeff Grubb posted about the recent Wakanda Forever trailer with the caption: “Wakanda Forever trailer is great. Let’s talk about the Black Panther game.”

This has obviously sent fans into speculation. However, Grubb then went on to discuss what he knew about the new game on his daily news show, Game Mess Mornings.

Black Panther reportedly an open world, single-player experience

Grubb reported that the Black Panther game will be developed by Electronics Arts. According to Grubb, the game will likely be worked on by a new Seattle studio that has been founded by former Monolith Productions VP and studio head Kevin Stephens. 

The game will be an open-world, single-player experience, he claimed. Players will take control of the new Black Panther following the death of their predecessor. However, the exact version of the Black Panther you will control is yet to be confirmed.

The game is reportedly still very much in early development so it may be a while until further details or footage is shown about the project.

Marvel games are coming back in a big way

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Spiderman is just one Marvel character to get a big game adaptation in recent years

While Marvel is of course full steam ahead when it comes to their TV and movie content, they have also begun ramping up gaming releases. The recent Spider-Man titles have been a massive success and the Guardians of The Galaxy title took gamers by surprise in the best way possible. In Dexerto’s review of the game we called it a “damn good space opera.”

However, not all recent Marvel games have been a smash hit. Square Enix’s Avengers game has been a massive flop for the devs despite the money and time being spent on the project. T’Challa is a playable character in The Avengers game and was brought in as part of the War for Wakanda expansion.

Fans have stated online how much they have enjoyed playing at the Black Panther, a character whose popularity continues to grow the more coverage and exposure he gets. Given that no other big new Marvel games have been announced lately, it is very likely a Black Panther game could be the next big thing for the company.

The game could serve as a standalone title or might even be a tie-in game for the MCU. When new details are released we’ll be sure to cover them on the site so stay tuned. For more on Marvel content, check out all our Comic-Con coverage here.