ARK Xbox patch notes for 355.12 update

arkStudio Wildcard

ARK’s Xbox patch notes for the 355.12 update include bug fixes for the popular dinosaur survival game.

ARK: Survival Evolved has been one of the most popular survival games in all of gaming since it was first released back in 2017

The game quickly grew a huge player base for its intricate survival-based gameplay coupled with fun building mechanics and cooperative play.

Since ARK launched the developers at Studio WIldcard have continually pushed updates for the game, and here is the latest one. Let’s get into everything new with the latest patch.

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ark survivalStudio Wildcard

ARK Xbox patch notes for 355.12 update

Here is the one and only change coming to ARK with the 355.12 update:

  • Fixed multiple exploits

The handful of exploits fixed in the game is the only major change in the patch. The 355.13 update did not bring any balance changes to the game, meaning players who are looking for major changes will have to wait until future patches.

The last few patches for ARK have been solely focused on fixing minor exploits in the game as the developers look to continually stomp out any specific tricks players have been using to gain an advantage in the dinosaur-filled world of ARK.

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However, those looking to have a continually more smooth experience playing ARK will be delighted as the developers have pushed an update here which squashes a handful of bugs that has been plagued players’ experience in the survival title.

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