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All codes (September 2021) – how to get free special skins

Published: 28/Sep/2021 23:33 Updated: 6/Dec/2021 16:05

by Dylan Horetski


Since starting off as a web-based game before gaining popularity on mobile devices, has enabled codes for free special skins to use on your slithering character. 

There are no exact definitions for what exactly an IO game is, but many consider that as long as it is free to play, browser-based, multiplayer, and has minimalist graphics, it fits the bill. With this list from Toms Guide, we can see there are quite a few games based on this style with both computer browser and mobile device options.

One of the most popular of these is, thanks to its extensive list of free-to-use codes for character skins that seem to hardly ever become inactive.

Advertisement website logo is a simple multiplayer survival game

What do codes give you?

Slither codes give you special cosmetics to decorate your character with, usually consisting of a headpiece, glasses, and a special hairstyle.

How do you redeem codes?

When you launch the game on your mobile device of choice, you will be met with an option in the top-right of your screen that is labeled ‘Enter Code.’ Unfortunately at the time of writing, the website does not allow you to redeem these free codes.

Click the button and enter your code to redeem the rewards. android start screen is available on Mobile as well as its website of the same name.

All working codes

The currently active list of free codes is updated rather infrequently. As a trade-off for constantly available free items, the developer doesn’t add to this list very often.


Code Reward Region
0056-6697-1963 Hard hat, wings, Crown Worldwide
0577-9466-2919 Cat-eye glasses, red cape Worldwide
0368-9044-0388 Deerstalker hat, bat wings Worldwide
0139-6516-0269 Rabbit ears, visor Worldwide
0150-6765-3242 Joke glasses, mustache, monocle, heart glasses Worldwide
0351-6343-0591 Pink star glasses, unicorn horn, blonde wig Worldwide
0465-2156-5071 Reindeer antlers, black wig, spiral hypnosis glasses Worldwide
0295-1038-1704 Star glasses, brown wig, blue glasses Worldwide
0334-1842-7574 Baseball hat and headphones Worldwide
0309-9703-3794 Red wig, green tie, spiked headband Worldwide
0068-5256-3709 Bear ears, angel wings, graduation cap Worldwide

We’ll keep this guide updated as the developer releases more free codes. In the meantime, you can check out other guides and gaming news on our hub.