Activision Blizzard staff schedule walkout in protest of Roe vs Wade reversal


Staff at Activision Blizzard will be staging a walkout later this month to protest the company’s lack of response and support to the US Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe vs Wade.

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court made the decision to overturn Roe vs Wade and subsequently eradicate the constitutional right to abortion that had been established in the United States in 1973.

Across the gaming industry, developers and publishers have responded to the news. Notably the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Bungie and many more have also announced their plans to help employees seek abortions, regardless of what state they live in.

However, some companies are yet to comment on the overturning of Roe vs Wade, let alone if and how they will be supporting their staff during this time. One of the biggest gaming devs to remain silent is Activision Blizzard.

In response to their workplace’s lack of action on the issue, the ABK Workers Alliance will be staging a walkout. The announcement was made on Twitter, with the initial statement announcing their intentions.

“In light of the recent attacks on the civil liberties of our employees, the employee-led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination has scheduled a walk out action on July 21, 2022.”

The ABK Workers Alliance then went on to add that this move is motivated by their claim the “company’s current healthcare policies do not adequately protect the workers of ABK.”

They went on to reveal that employees had previously tried to address the issue with management but their concerns were not heard.

“In the past, we have attempted to work with management to address issues of this nature, but over the past year have had our concerns dismissed. Demonstrations of this level have been proven to be the most effective solution to this problem.”

This walkout by the the ABK Workers Alliance is simply the next step in their continued fight to end gender inequality in their workplace. To have further measures and actions taken to ensure women and non-binary workers, as well as though who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, are safe and supported.

In July 2021,  the ABK Workers Alliance staged their first walkout protest in response to Activision Blizzard’s mishandling of a lawsuit against the company that exposed the harassment and inequality within.

activison blizzard employee protest.The Verge
Activision Blizzard employees have protested for woman’s rights numerous times in light of harassment allegations against the company.

Since then, further reports and lawsuits have come to light addressing harassment and sexual misconduct issues at Activision Blizzard. Employees of the company, both past and present, have been calling for Activision Blizzard to be held accountable for the unsafe workspace they have allowed to grow. 

This upcoming protest marks the fifth time Activision Blizzard employees have walked out against gender inequality and discrimination in their workplace.