Orange Shirt Kid Reveals He’s Taking a Break from the Internet After Being Bullied

‘Orange Justice’ quickly became an internet sensation overnight across the Fortnite: Battle Royale community.

After coming in 23rd place during the Fortnite ‘BoogieDown’ Contest where the winner would have their dance made into an in-game emote by Epic Games, community members rallied behind the ‘Orange Shirt Kid’ after his dance took off among fans.

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A post was created on the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit which outlined why Orange Shirt Kid should have won, which gained an immense amount of traction and eventually helped lead to a new emote titled ‘Orange Justice’ being implemented into Fortnite.

However, after becoming a ‘cult hero’ in the ensuing months, Orange Shirt Kid received hate from certain parts of the community and ultimately led to him posting a short YouTube video stating that he will be taking a ‘break’ for the time being.

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Following the post, members of the Fortnite subreddit quickly rallied behind the young creator with kind words of encouragement.

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Just hours after the original video was posted, Orange Shirt Kid shared a message on Instagram thanking everyone that has reached out to him recently.