New Building Exploit Found in Fortnite Battle Royale – Ability To Build Through Walls

A new glitch has been discovered in Fortnite allowing players to build through the walls of their own structures, an exploit yet to be fixed by Epic Games.

As even the most casual Fortnite player will know, building is the most central and fundamental skill in the game, perhaps even more so than shooting, so any advantage that can be gained here can be game changing.

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Numerous exploits and bugs with building have been fixed throughout the game’s lifecycle by developer Epic Games, but it seems this one has either slipped through or is the result of a bug in a recent patch.

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Essentially, if a player builds a 1×1 base with a floor, it is possible to walk to the bottom right corner of one of the walls and build through it to the other side.

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As shown by Fortnite YouTuber MonsterDFace, it is an incredibly simply exploit to use, and could be incredibly useful in an engagement – or for escaping one.

MonsterDFace also confirmed in a comment that this glitch is possible with any material, not only metal as shown in the video. It is unclear if it is only possible with a player’s own builds.

Because it does not use the edit feature to perform this exploit, it seems feasable that a player could approach any player-made structure, and by standing at the bottom right corner be able to build through it to the other side.

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The most recent update, v5.20, went live in Fortnite on Tuesday August 7, and it appears this glitch is still possible following that update, meaning Epic are yet to be made aware. 

In the mobile patch notes, there was a fix for ‘ramps being built through other ramps’, but this is an unrelated issue and only affects mobile players.