Missing ‘Durrr Burger’ Sign From Fortnite Found in Real Life Desert

Up until recently, one of the most recognizable landmarks of the Greasy Grove location in Fortnite was the larger burger sign above the ‘Durrr Burger’ restaurant.

However, on July 5th, the sign was the latest victim of one of the time warps/portals that have been appearing across the map, causing things to disappear without leaving a trace.

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In a mysterious turn of events, the Durrr Burger sign has appeared at a place that no one would have expected – a real life desert.

Photographer Sela Shiloni stumbled across the cartoon-like object in an unidentified California desert, and posted pictures of it on social media.

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Shiloni, clearly not a Fortnite player, was very confused as to why there was a large burger in the middle of nowhere.

Upon seeing, many Fortnite conspiracy theorist jumped into action, proposing ideas that would explain this mysterious development.

Many are of the belief this is an outlandish effort from Epic Games to drop further clues as to what lays in store once Season 4 ends and Season 5 kicks off in several days.

One of the prevailing theories over recent weeks is that the next season will incorporate elements of a classic “wild western” theme, and this Durrr Gurger desert phenomenon certainly would supplement that.

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Considering that Epic have not commented on this, there is no evidence that they were involved in any way. Someone could have simply done this on their own in an effort to throw the Fortnite community into a frenzy.

Furthermore, the Durrr Burger sign was not the first or only location on the map to be hit with a portal rift; the Tomato Man in Tomato Town, Lonely Lodge, and the Motel were also hit but none of those items have appeared in real life locations.