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Is Fortnite controller aim assist stronger on PC than console?

Published: 10/Dec/2019 22:08

by Eli Becht


The upcoming Fortnite Winter Royale will feature separate prize pools for each platform but many players are wondering if aim assist differences create an unfair advantage for controller players on PC.

Just when we thought the debate between controllers and mouse and keyboard was settled, new evidence has cropped up that might indicate controller players actually hold an edge in Fortnite when playing on PC.

Before we even look at the findings, some players might have already come to this realization after seeing pro UnknownxArmy1x come away with back-to-back FNCS wins by using a controller on PC. His strong play has given rise to a new breed of controller players and has proven you don’t need skill with the mouse and keyboard.


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It’s starting to look like there was a reason for that and it’s that aim assist works differently on PC than it does on console if you’re using a controller. On console, Epic nerfed the “L2” aiming so you won’t be able to snap to targets as you used to and abuse that, but it looks the PC version of the game didn’t get that memo.

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After watching controller players beam others from across the map on PC, some players decided to investigate for themselves how much of a difference there really is. One player’s findings revealed that PC offers a level of aim assist that is not seen on consoles.


Friendly reminder that both PC players complaining about Aim Assist and Console players thinking it’s not that good are RIGHT. from FortNiteBR

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Of course, just because Reddit user VittorioMasia came up with this evidence doesn’t exactly mean it’s true, but this player certainly isn’t alone in feeling this way. For example, Fortnite pro Bizzle thinks controller players should be kept off PC tournaments.

“Get controller players out of PC tournaments SAY I,” he tweeted.

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Normally, this type of thing wouldn’t be a problem but because the Winter Royale is platform-specific, players on PC are able to bring their controllers to PC to potentially get an unfair advantage. Obviously, this doesn’t mean a controller will outright dominate the competition but they could have a clear advantage.


We’ll have to wait and see how the tournament players out before we can figure out if there’s a real problem. If a controller player dominates on PC then we might have an issue.

In the meantime, players will have to continue the raging debate of controller vs KB + M.