Fortnite Mobile Player Shows You Don’t Need a Controller or Mouse and Keyboard to Build

The debate on input devices in Fortnite is still dividing the community but one player has shown that an iPad is all you need to build like a pro.

YouTuber AdamXLegend posted a video of him building, editing and fighting at a dizzying speed, all while using the default inputs of a mobile touchscreen.

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Epic Games released a statement saying that they will not restrict input devices on any platform, leading to a divided community that is questioning the competitive balance of the game.

Some console players claim a mouse and keyboard is an unfair advantage while others say the Builder Pro controller layout is enough to compete.

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Lost in the debate was mobile, with a majority of Fortnite players not considering the platform to be viable.

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Mobile may be a struggle for most users, but AdamXLegend proved that at least one person is capable of posting highlights on the platform.

The clip features an extensive build battle against an enemy player, with the two fighting up sprawling towers.

AdamXLegend showed no disadvantage and got the elimination before seamlessly jumping off and saving himself from a fall death with a Jump Pad.

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The input device drama was started after a relative unknown won the Fortnite Week 2 Summer Skirmish while not streaming his matches.

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Accusations were thrown around about what he used to out-slay established pros, with most claiming he cheated. Epic investigated the claims and found no wrongdoing.