FaZe Tfue explains the new game changing Fortnite grappler exploit

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed a frustrating exploit in Fortnite involving the Grappler item, claiming that it should be nerfed or removed the game. 

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The professional player has been explaining the issue on stream, which allows ‘in the know’ players to reach higher ground a lot quicker.

By using the Grappler in this way, not only can you spring up to reach an opponent who has built up high, but zoom almost three stories ahead of them in the air. This gives you an incredible advantage in this type of situation, even if the enemy tries to fend off the attack by building. 

Epic GamesGrappler item, as found in Fortnite right now.
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“They need to fucking nerf it or just take the Grappler out, it’s stupid. It’s actually dumb. You can’t prevent it, like you’re getting the high ground 1000%. There’s nothing you can do” he explained.

Tfue decided to walk viewers through the exploit – which can still be used in the game right now – after being eliminated by another player who used the item in this way. 

Footage of both the death and his explanation can be found below. 

(Timestamp of 0:20 for mobile users)

You can see that the height advantage gained by players using the item gives the builder little chance to defend themselves from an attack. Tfue’s earlier death also shows how it’s going to continue to cost players if it’s left in the game. 

There has been no official response from Epic Games as of yet. Will the exploit be nerfed or will the Grappler be completely removed?