FaZe Clan’s Tfue and Cloak Complain About the Struggle of Fortnite Pro Scrims With No Custom Matches

Professional Fortnite players and streamers Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloak” Lepore made their feelings clear about the difficult of pro ‘scrims’ for top players.

Currently, private or ‘custom’ lobbies are not available in Fortnite matchmaking, meaning that in order for competitive players to scrim against one another, they must come up with their own methods.

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The system currently used is to have all the players arrange to search for a game at the exact same time, and hope that they land in the same lobby as one another.

Typically around 20-30 duos will search for a game, and should all or the majority land in the same lobby (which they can identify from the server code), the scrim goes ahead.

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However, occasionally some of the players who failed to make it into the lobby will demand a full ‘reset’ or restart, meaning all players leave and search again. But Tfue and Cloak are growing tired of this inefficient system.

“These people are so dumb dude. There will be like two stacked lobbies, and people that aren’t in lobbies will be like ‘oh, full reset’. Like shut the fuck up. So annoying. 

We should not ever restart. There shouldn’t even be restarts honestly. We just got two stacked lobbies and now we’re not even playing.” 

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This system is the best possible method which these competitive players have currently, due to the absence of private, custom lobbies.

Epic Games has been working on developing private lobbies, which have so far only been used and tested for the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3 and the first week of the Summer Skirmish series.

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However, lag issues plagued the Summer Skirmish, so it is clear that the custom matchmaking system is still in need of work. With the competitive season underway, and $100 million in prize money pledged for tournaments, both online and off, the need for private lobbies is becoming more and more of a necessity.