FaZe Banks explains why Jarvis’ Fortnite ban is “f**king ridiculous” - Dexerto

FaZe Banks explains why Jarvis’ Fortnite ban is “f**king ridiculous”

Published: 5/Nov/2019 21:57 Updated: 5/Nov/2019 22:34

by Dustin Steiner


FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks has taken to Twitter to blast Epic Games over their decision to ban Jarvis from Fortnite for using an aimbot in Creative.

FaZe Clan member Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye’s ban has sent shockwaves across the Fortnite community as various figures have weighed in on the fairness of his lifetime ban.

Epic Games handed out the major ban to the FaZe Clan creator after he uploaded a series of videos in which he used an aimbot on his alt account. Epic has a “zero tolerance” policy for cheaters, regardless of the setting, and thus slapped him with one of the most severe bans competitive Fortnite has seen yet.


Banks was quick to point out that proven cheaters, such as XXiF who participated and went on to win prize money in Epic’s Fortnite World Cup went with a light ban in spite of the policy. 

Meanwhile, the FaZe member was banned for life from a mode that affected no one’s competitive future. The apparent hypocrisy has not been lost on the owner, even calling it “fkn ridiculous.”

“What Jarvis did was obviously stupid,” Banks said in a follow-up. “It was a mistake and the point has been made very clear. Fortnite is a huge part of his life and I just don’t see the punishing (destroying a 17-year-old kid’s life) fitting of the crime.”


Banks has not been the only person to blast Epic Games for their decision, with both Ninja and xQc coming out in defense of Jarvis. Other community members have begun to rally around the #FreeJarvis hashtag.

The FaZe owner has been known to protest decisions made against his members but is also an outspoken member of the esports community. 

In the past, he’s rallied against the practice of esports franchising, along with being embroiled in his own controversies.