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Epic Games respond to Fortnite locked skin bug in Season 2

Published: 23/Feb/2020 11:19

by Joe Craven


Epic Games, developers of the incredibly popular building battle royale, have responded to multiple instances of fans experiencing customizable skin issues in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2. 

Customizable skins in Fortnite are not especially new. Added way back in what would turn out to be Fortnite’s first chapter, they enable players to unlock new styles for their skins, looking increasingly awesome as players level them up. 

They are unlocked for the completion of various challenges, but tend to be related to the amount of XP earned while using a certain skin. As milestones are reached, the better ‘styles’ of the skin are unlocked for players to show off in matches. 


Epic Games
An example of a skin with multiple style choices.

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However, following the launch of Season Two on February 20, it seems like some skins have glitched, and players can no longer select certain styles of them, despite unlocking them a considerable time ago. 

Multiple Fortnite players have reported the issue on Reddit, specifically relating to the YOND3R skin from Season X. 

Despite unlocking the skin during Season X – which ran from August to October of 2019 – it seems like the Season Two update of Chapter 2 has inadvertently locked the style for some players. 

Flair style for YOND3R is locked even though I’ve unlocked it. My friend also has this issue from FortNiteBR

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It’s not exactly clear whether the style becoming locked is affecting all users, or just selected users. Regardless, Epic have issued a number of responses to players on Reddit, who are all reporting similar issues. 


The responses are all along similar lines, explaining that the issue is a known bug and they are working on isolating a cause. They are also encouraging affected players to get in touch with their account details in order to help with their investigation. 

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It’s not currently clear whether it affects multiple skins, or just the YOND3R outfit from Season X. The card on Epic’s Trello page suggests the YOND3R skin is the only known skin that is affected. 

Regardless, it looks like Epic are working to identify the cause. This will allow a swift patch to the bug so frustrated players receive the skins they have previously unlocked. 


You can check out every known bug in Fortnite via Epic Games’ Trello page