Epic Games Provides Update About the Mysterious Footsteps Heard After Fights in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan. Last updated: Jul 27, 2018

Epic Games has commented on the current issue in Fortnite that is causing mysterious footsteps to be heard after fights.

According to the developers, a fix for the bug has already been put in place and will go live in the game once the v5.2.0 Update is launched.

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After the launch of the recent v5.1.0 Update, players began reporting that, after finishing gunfights and eliminating the enemy player(s), they would hear footsteps around them, even though there was nobody nearby.

This can obviously become frustrating and annoying as it creates a false alarm for players who had just finished their previous engagement.

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Reddit user ‘m4t5u’ posted about the issue on the FortniteBR Reddit page.

Everytime the fight is over i hear like 1 or 2 more footsteps after the last kill while theres nobody there. Anyone else got the same bug?

Edit; tnx guys.. i knew i wasnt crazy.

The post got the attention of Epic Games, and representative ‘MrPopoTFS’ had this to say about the matter:

I’ve gone ahead and tossed this over to our QA team so they can dig into this. We’ll also keep our ears to the ground for additional audio issues.

Update: A fix was just put in for this issue that will be applied once the v5.20 Patch arrives.

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The official release date for the v5.2.0 Update has not yet been announced, but it will likely be during sometime next week.

Whenever it does go live, we now at least know that it will include a fix for this ghost footsteps bug that has been haunting players in recent days (no pun intended).