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Epic Games dev teases Netflix movie character coming to Fortnite

Published: 26/Apr/2020 12:42

by Joe Craven


Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic Games, has teased the possibility of Chris Hemsworth’s character from new Netflix movie ‘Extraction’ coming to Fortnite. 

Extraction dropped worldwide on Netflix on April 24, stemming from the directors of Avengers: Endgame, the Russo brothers. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stars as Tyler Rake, a ruthless mercenary tasked with saving a young boy in Bangladesh.

While the film has received generally mixed reviews, many have compared it to the John Wick film series – both directed by stuntmen and featuring barebones action narratives.

Hemsworth in Extraction.

The comparisons to John Wick are actually what prompted the hints from Mustard. The Russo brothers jokingly tweeted a photo of Tyler Rake facing off against John Wick, with the caption: “Who you got in a fight? Tyler Rake or John Wick?”

In reply, Donald Mustard said: “Hey Joe. Maybe we should put Rake in Fortnite and find out”.

Fortnite has become known for its ambitious crossover with some of the biggest movie franchises in the world, including the aforementioned Avengers series. John Wick was one of the first film characters added to Fortnite, way back in Season 3 of Chapter One.

The tweets do not necessarily represent official confirmation, but the Russo brothers’ response of “hells yeah” added to the excitement.

If it was any game other than Fortnite, we’d tell you to temper your expectations and take the tweets with a pinch of salt. However, we have seen so many impressive crossovers in Epic’s building battle royale that this actually seems possible.

Similarly, the fact Epic have collaborated with the work of the Russo brothers in the past makes a Tyler Rake appearance all the more likely. It’s over to Epic to get it done.


How to complete Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 challenges

Published: 22/Oct/2020 6:33

by Andrew Amos


Haven’t given up on that Fortnite Season 4 battle pass grind yet? If you’re still going hard for your Marvel skins, you’re in luck ⁠— there’s plenty of challenges to tackle in Week 9. They’re slightly different from weeks gone by too.

Fortnite Season 4 is slowly coming to an end. However, there’s still time to try and grind the battle pass to get some of those highly sought after Marvel skins.

Fortnite’s Season 4 Week 9 challenges have a distinctively spooky theme to them. After all, it comes after the launch of the Fortnitemares event on Patch v14.40, which has completely changed the game.

Fortnite Halloween props
Epic Games
Fortnitemares has transformed the map, and the weekly missions too.

They aren’t that difficult though. Most of them involve the same challenges we’ve seen in other weeks ⁠— collect some materials, go from A to B on the map, and eliminate some players.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 challenges

  • Search Chests at Upstate New York (7)
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake (3)
  • Collect Metal from Slurpy Swamp
  • Catch fish at Heart Lake
  • Eliminate opponents by hitting them with vehicles
  • Drive a boat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than four minutes
  • Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle

There’s a lot of travelling to do and sights to see in the Week 9. You’ll need to hop in a boat to drive from The Fortilla to The Authority ⁠— but be careful of people camping the route for easy kills.

Once you’re finished on sea, you can choose to hop on land or fly into the air to complete the 20,000 meters task. This will take more than one game, so it might be worth working this in while you complete the others.

Fortnite characters fishing
Epic Games
Get your fishing rods down to Heart Lake too.

Things like the Upstate New York chests task, the Lazy Lake eliminations challenge, collect Metal at Slurpy Swamp, and Heart Lake fishing can be done off drop. However, be wary of other players with the same idea.

You’ll have until Oct. 29 to complete the Fortnite Week 9 challenges. Good luck!