Dr Lupo, Steve Aoki, and Rogue are launching a program to mentor kids in the esports industry

Popular Twitch streamer Benjamin ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo is partnering with esports org ‘Rogue’ and education platform ‘Find Your Grind’ to launch a new project that will help students kickstart a career in esports.

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The project, appropriately dubbed ‘Junior Rogue’, will act as a mentorship program that partners students with Team Rogue’s Fortnite professionals and Find Your Grind staff.

The program will help students to better their competitive play, as well as guide them through streaming, game development, and social media. Additionally, students will also receive proper streaming equipment, a $500 scholarship, and a travel stipend, to boot.

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Team Rogue will analyze students through a ‘case-by-case basis,’ and are willing to foot the bill for passionate players who might not have the funds to take part in the program.

“…we knew there was an inner-city person, who may not even have had a shot at playing but may have the passion,” Rogue co-owner Amish Shah stated of the initiative in an interview with ESPN.

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Junior Rogue will take place over the span of one semester, and is created for Fortnite players, specifically. Students up to 18 years of age may apply for the program, and will get access to interactive Q & A sessions with industry pros – including personalities like Dr Lupo, 00Flour, Wallhackjack, and even EDM star Steve Aoki.

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Much like the esports industry, the Junior Rogue program is intensely competitive. To apply, students must send in their best 40-60 minutes of Fortnite gameplay footage before the deadline on October 1.

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With colleges across the United States starting their own esports leagues, Junior Rogue marks another addition to education’s embrace of competitive gaming.