Dr Lupo questions Twitch streamers choosing not to run ads: “It’s a weird flex”

DrLupo looks at the camera holding a microphoneYouTube: DrLupo

YouTube streamer Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo has taken aim at Twitch creators refusing to run ads on their channel amid recent debate over the platform’s monetization policies.

As Twitch pushes to become more profitable, the platform has implemented many creator revenue changes over the years.

Notably, the Amazon-owned platform recently denied requests for the 70/30 revenue sub split to become the standard, rather than it being exclusive for the top creators on the site.

After noting the high overhead costs to keep the site running, Twitch has pushed for creators to run more ads through their incentives program.

However, streamers are still reluctant to run ads, and now YouTube streamer Dr Lupo has hit out at the creators for not doing their jobs.

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Dr Lupo slams Twitch streamers not running ads

In a YouTube video on October 21, the former Twitch streamer, who left the platform to join YouTube in September 2021, discussed the new ad incentives.

“Here’s what it comes down to chat. Twitch is a business. I think we can all agree businesses are trying to be profitable,” said Dr Lupo. “If they’re not profitable for a long enough time, the business stops existing.

“At the end of the day, Twitch is gonna try to make as much money to stay alive. For example, look at G4, literally just announced its second closure,” he added.

“So you see streamers that are posting these big numbers that are life ‘I’m not gonna run ads because I care about my community.’ It’s a weird flex to say look at this money I could’ve had and I’m not doing it because I love you. You’re at your job. Part of your job is to try and help keep your platform alive too.”

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He continued, explaining that if Twitch can turn a profit, then maybe the platform will eventually consider higher revenue splits.

But till then, all streamers on Twitch need to put in the effort to help keep the site afloat.