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Decoded Durrr Burger Phone Message Points to a Location in France and Reveals More Clues About Season 5 in Fortnite

Published: 10/Jul/2018 22:08 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 15:02

by Albert Petrosyan


As the end of Season 4 in Fortnite draws closer and closer, more clues about what lays in store for Season 5 continue to pop up, both in the virtual and real world.

The latest instance involves the mysterious phone number that was being passed around by an unidentified “agent” around the Durrr Burger that had appeared in a California desert.


Previously, when called, the phone number revealed a binary code which users figured out pointed to the Greasy Grove location on the Fornite map.

However, there has been a new development involving that number. On July 9th, a Twitter page called ‘Fortnite Leakage’ tweeted out that dialing a “06” extension reveals additional high quality audio.


When observed through a spectrogram, the audio actually translates to a high resolution image that contains two long numbers.


Many believe that these numbers are in fact coordinates, a theory that is substantiated by the fact that when typed into Google Maps, a real world location in France pops up.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

The sign on the building reads, “Centre de rechereches historiques et juridiques,” which translates to “Historical and Legal Research Center.”


Although nothing has been reported about this location that reveals more information, the fact that the word “historical” has popped up cannot be a coincidence, considering the overwhelming belief among majority of Fortnite players that Season 5 will have one or more themes from past, and historical, eras.


How to find Tony Stark’s secret laboratory for Fortnite Week 7 challenge

Published: 8/Oct/2020 11:15

by Matt Porter


The grind never stops for Fortnite players, with Week 7 of Season 4 officially here bringing new challenges and tasks for fans to sink their teeth into. This week, one of the most difficult asks you to discover Tony Stark’s secret Lake House laboratory. Here’s everything you need to complete this challenge.

The Marvel theme continues in Season 4, as Earth’s mightiest heroes prepare for the inevitable attack from the evil Galactus. The supervillain is on his way to the Fortnite island, intent on altering the reality of the game forever, but our heroes are already preparing for the upcoming showdown.


These heroes have been taking over locations on the island for weeks, and while many are marked on the map to make them easy to find, some are hidden. One of these hidden areas is Tony Stark’s secret Lake House laboratory, which players need to find for this Season 4, Week 7 challenge.

Stark Industries POI in Fortnite Season 4.
Epic Games
Tony Stark has a named location in Season 4, but also has a secret laboratory too.

Where to find Stark’s secret Lake House lab

Seeing as it’s Stark’s secret laboratory, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it isn’t marked on the map to make this challenge easier. What makes it harder is that there are a number of lakes on the island, so finding it accidentally suddenly becomes even more difficult. The good news is that we’ve done all the detective work for you, and can confirm that the lab is located in the north-east corner of the map, close to Steamy Stacks, and on the other side of the lake from Stark Industries.

Map showing location of Stark's secret lab.
Epic Games
Map showing the location of Tony Stark’s Lake House lab.

Once you head around the lake, you need to find the Lake House, which sits just on the edge of the water, with some massive bushes around it. Don’t head inside thinking you’ll find the lab in there though, as what you’re looking for is actually outside instead.

Head to those large bushes that sit outside, and use your pickaxe to break them, which should uncover a special door that will take you into Iron Man’s secret workshop.

Fortnite character breaking metal door.
Epic Games
Players can break down the metal door to get inside.

Once you make it inside, you’ll find that there isn’t too much to look at, although there are some weapons, consumables, and ammo sitting as floor loot that you can pick up and take with you as you hunt for Victory Royales.

Inside Stark's secret Fortnite lab.
Epic Games
There are weapons and chests inside the lab.

Step-by-step guide to finding Tony Stark’s secret Lake House laboratory

  1. Head to the Stark Industries, and walk around the adjoining lake towards Steamy Stacks.
  2. Walk over to the lake house on the shore, and destroy the bushes beside it.
  3. Enter through the secret entrance to Tony Stark’s secret laboratory to complete the challenge.

Once you’re inside the lab, you should receive a notification in the top left of your screen confirming that you’ve completed the challenge, which means you can head back out and into the action.

It’s definitely worth taking on this task if you’re hoping to complete your Season 4 Battle Pass, as like the other Week 7 challenges, this offers a massive 25,000 XP boost to help you unlock new skins and cosmetic items.