A Fortnite Portal has Dropped an Anchor Near Greasy Grove

Another portal was spotted in the Fortnite, but this one left something behind after it disappeared.

Ever since the Rocket Launch event on June 30th, which caused a massive crack to appear in the sky, strange portals have been sprouting up around the map.

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They usually destroy whatever is around them, like the sign on Lonely Lodge or the burger on top of Durrr Burger.

This portal, however, came to life away from buildings or famous landmarks. But instead of removing a landmark from the map, it may have create a new one.

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A wooden anchor has appeared where the portal was, a mountain near Greasy Grove, another hint at the possible time travel aspect of Season 5.

YouTuber FireMonkey has captured the event and you can watch the anchor appear below:

The portals seem to be connecting different places, with the Durr Burger sign appearing in a real life California desert.

Now that it is established the portals can bring in items instead of just removing them, expect more clues for Season 5 content to pop on the map in the next few days.

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Season 5 of Fortnite will begin on July 12th, immediately following the close of Season 4.