A Carriage has Appeared in Place of the Latest Fortnite Portal

Another portal sprouted up in Fortnite on July 7th and was expected to bring a new item to the map.

Sure enough, what appears to be a horse drawn carriage is now in its place.

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At first, the mystery portals in Fortnite were destructive, appearing shortly after the Rocket Launch event on June 30th.

They would appear on landmarks around the map and destroy parts like the Lonely Lodge and Durr Burger signs.

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However, a portal appeared on a mountain in Greasy Grove, away from any recognizable landmark. That portal brought in something instead of destroying, with a wooden anchor appearing in its place.

Another no-landmark portal formed on July 7th in Moisty Mire. That has now gone away, leaving behind a large carriage.

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Season 5 of Fortnite is expected to include a theme of either time travel or multiple universes, and the anchor and carriage appear to be from different eras.

In addition to the new item, audio has been decoded that points at something happening in Greasy Grove.

With Fortnite Season 5 happening on July 12th, expect more clues to be revealed in the coming days, like more portals to bring in new items on the map.

Image Credits: KewlZindre, reddit and sud4nym