The FIFA eWorld Cup will have Drug Tests for Players and Coaches

Seppi333, Wikipedia

FIFA will be taking steps to ensure players are clean and matches are not fixed during the eWorld Cup on August 4.

All players and coaches attending the eWorld Cup Grand Final will be subject to the new integrity rules.

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The anti-doping measures are the same rules that FIFA football players have to follow and the tests will be monitored by an officer from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Although FIFA’s eAthletes are unlikely to benefit from the majority of substances that are banned for football athletes, the anti-doping code does not allow drugs that many presume are present in the esports industry, such as marijuana or the stimulant Adderall.

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FIFA will also be monitoring betting markets like they do for football matches in an attempt to prevent fixing.

FIFA will thoroughly monitor pre-match and live betting markets around the world during the Grand Final for any match manipulation alert, incident and/or suspicion that may arise.

Much like the anti-doping official from the World Cup, the betting markets will be monitored by people with experience in the non-digital world of FIFA events.

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The anti-doping and match fixing measures are a sign that esports is reaching the legitimacy of its sports sibling, meaning the increasing prize pools are at an increasing risk of foul play.

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The full list of banned substances can be found here, while FIFA’s official statement on integrity at the eWorld Cup can be found here.

Image credit: Seppi333

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