What are FIFA 21 FGS player tokens? New FUT card rewards explained

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FGS Player Tokens FIFA 21

FIFA 21 FGS player tokens are being sent out to players interested in the new season of FIFA esports. Here, this guide runs through exactly what they are, how you can get them in-game, and what to do with them. 

FIFA esports is back with the 2021 Global Series (FGS), bringing more prizes and special rewards for watching as in years past.

EA are offering special FGS Player tokens to anyone who watches at least an hour of any eligible stream on Twitch, rather than just the odd pack for watching along.

Here, we’re going to run through how you can get your tokens and what they can be used for.

How to get FIFA 21 FGS Player Tokens

There is a simple process to grab yourself some FGS tokens for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

You simply have to watch a bit of the FGS events when they go live and you’ll start to pick up the tokens.

  1. Load up FIFA 21 ready for the drop!
  2. Link your Twitch and EA accounts on the developer’s website. 
  3. Watch at least one hour of eligible FGS events on Twitch.
  4. Receive your FGS player token!

It’s also worth noting that there’s a rewards cap per event of only one FGS token, so don’t expect to get a million of them in one go.

Once you earn at least two separate FIFA 21 FGS player tokens, you can redeem them for pack rewards in repeatable Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). This gives you a new, free method of earning packs to get players and items to fill out your squad.

When & where to watch

After a small break, the FGS events are back in January, live on Twitch.

If you miss out this time around, there is a small wait until the event in February. So, make sure you’re watching live on Twitch.

FIFA 21 FGS Player Tokens
The full FGS 21 Schedule of events.

Depending on the event, EA is using two different Twitch channels for the events. Most of the events will take place on Twitch.tv/esportsfifa, but the North American Qualifiers will be on Twitch.tv/ELEAGUETV. Be sure to check out the graphic above to see where to watch.

If you’re looking for an easy way to expand your collection, make sure to tune in to each tournament for at least an hour to get your FGS Player tokens so you can redeem them for packs.

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