Is Fallout 76 down? Bethesda confirms downtime for nuke silo hot fix - January 2 [UPDATE] - Dexerto

Is Fallout 76 down? Bethesda confirms downtime for nuke silo hot fix – January 2 [UPDATE]

Published: 2/Jan/2019 19:56 Updated: 2/Jan/2019 20:48

by Wyatt Donigan


UPDATE – January 2, 2019 (3:47pm EST) 

Bethesda has announced an end to the maintenance and have brought Fallout 76 back online for all users.

Bethesda has taken Fallout 76 offline for an emergency maintenance period to fix an issue with nuclear silos in the game. 

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While Bethesda continues to try and improve on Fallout 76 in the early days of 2019, they have been met with yet another major bug. 

At the start of the new year, Fallout 76 players quickly discovered that they were unable to use nuclear weapons, a major draw of the newest iteration of the game. 

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In order to fix this issue, Bethesda has taken the game offline in order to nail down the problem and apply a hotfix. 


Normally, nuclear codes are released into the wild each week, giving players the chance to track them down for their own use. 

This week, however, the codes found were the same as last week, making them completely unusable. 

After first making the silos themselves inaccessible, Bethesda has now taken the game offline to solve the issue. 

BethesdaFallout 76 has experienced yet another problem just as 2019 got under way.

No time frame for the maintenance period was given, but we expect it to last a couple of hours based on previous Fallout 76 maintenance times. 

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